About Us

Verizon Development Link is an active member of the Uganda Evaluation Association which is a professional network of Evaluation practitioners in Uganda.

Who we are

Lerizon Development Link is a research and Development Firm that is fully registered in Uganda. Located in Old Kampala, Uganda, Verizon Development Link (VDL)  prides in a resource base of professionals with rich experiences in providing consultancy services to Non-Governmental Organizations, Regulatory bodies, Private businesses, Governments and International funding institutions to build capacity for growth and development.  Over the years, we have built capacity to effectively handle small, medium and complex assignments for both local and international organizations. Where necessary, we collaborate with other professional firms and individuals in order to provide a blend of resources required for large and complex engagements. This unique ability to work with other seasoned professionals has always made us meet and exceed expectations of our clients on large and complex assignments we undertake. 


Our History

Verizon started from continuous individual consultations with Civil Society Organizations and the Private Sector for support in building and strengthening their M&E  and Performance tracking systems. However overtime it was prudent for it to be registered to attain a competitive edge and for legal compliance. 





The universe is evolving ideas, transforming and changing daily, new challenges emerge with limited available counteracting and innovative solutions, We shall design great products, services and solutions, focus on creatively innovating, believe in simplicity and the use of appropriate technology and participate in markets, ventures and areas where we make development contribution


Become a leading and fully fledged entity in Uganda and beyond in designing state-of-the-art and tailor-made business solutions, products and services for individuals and corporate entities for “impellit” profitability and productivity

What we do

AS professional services provider with a resource base of professionals in various areas we provide a range of consultancy services in development work covering both program and finance. Below are some of the specific things we do;

  • Develop Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation Systems, Result Frameworks, M&E Plans, M&E Policies, Theories of Change, M&E tools for organizations and government sectors to focus their programmes and measurement of changes that can be attributed to their contribution with concrete evidence.
  • Design online M&E systems and performance tracking tools for organizations and the private sector.
  • We train, mentor and coach organizational staff in M&E practice
  • Design organizational development strategies for nonprofit organizations. This includes supporting development of strategic plans, competency profiling and developing staffing structures, developing resource mobilization strategies, prioritization of action points with the client for rapid growth and development.
  • We carry out Baseline surveys, Mid Term Evaluations, End of Programme or Strategic Plan Evaluations, Longitudinal studies and adaptive researches to document the impact of the work of our clients.
  • We carry out studies, researches and support organizations to implement short-term programmes that are action research based to produce feasibility analysis for the organizations either to influence policy or develop longer-term agenda.
  • We carry out Surveys in Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Behaviors, relating to cross cutting issues like HIV and Gender, Barrier Analysis in best practices and behaviors to improve programme quality and increase programme benefit to direct beneficiaries and benefiting communities
  • We provide governance trainings to governing bodies, management and staff of organizations to improve performance and accountability to stakeholders.
  • We provide corporate trainings in Value Chain Development, Agribusiness and Agri-prenuership development, Financial Management, Conflict Sensitive Programming especially for institutions working in conflict zones.

our Mandate

VDL is a research and development firm that supports the integration and application of Project Management and Research within business and institutions to improve business productivity, Performance and Profitability

What we believe in

We Believe In timeliness,quality, Integrity
customer care,best people and client value Creation


At the base of our core values is care. We anticipate, understand and focus on meeting the needs of our teams, clients and partners. Our satisfaction is interlinked to the satisfaction of our clients. The other aspects of our core values include

i. Timeliness:       We thrive on challenge and success and perform our activities with high sense of urgency. We believe at quality at the gate – Do it right straight away!

ii. Quality:                   We take pride in what we do and deliver high quality service to our clients


iii. Integrity:                We are trustworthy, diligent and honest. We accept responsibility for our actions and follow through on promises and commitments.

iv. Customer care:     We deal with each of our clients individually appreciating their mission, vision and goals. We focus on meeting the needs of our clients

v. Best People: We believe in attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, challenging our people, demonstrating a “can-do” attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive environment.

vi. Client Value Creation: Enabling clients to become high-performance businesses and creating long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value